What Is the Best Whiskey?

Whiskey comes in so many shapes and sizes that it really is a bit of a hassle to choose the best one possible. But, even so, there are a couple of things that you should know when looking for the best one.

You might imagine that the best alcohol in terms of whiskey is actually the most common brands, such as Jack Daniel’s, JB, Bartender’s or Johnnie Walker. These brands are indeed providing with some quality whiskey, but it isn’t the best, that I can tell you for sure. There are some very rare and expensive types of whiskey that you can’t find at your local supermarket, and the professionals in the business say that those are the best alcohol samples when it comes to whiskey, but are they worth the extra money that you will have to pay?

I have to say that no, they are not worth the extra investment. A nice bottle of Jack Daniel’s will always be more than enough to satisfy the need for a drink for most of us and I’m sure that it will also be admired by any experienced person in terms of good whiskey. Of course, you will need to avoid the really cheap options that are available because they will not provide with anything interesting apart from a very decent head ache.

I know that we are talking about the best whiskey here, but the very best bottle can cost upwards of a thousand dollars, and I am pretty sure that very few people can actually afford that kind of whiskey. So, when you combine good value with decent quality, you get to the brands that have been mentioned earlier. There is no doubt about it that you can enjoy a glass of whiskey every now and then without spending a fortune on it.

However, I do think that it is necessary to try the very best at one point. Maybe go to a restaurant and just order a glass, not the entire bottle. You will have to actually look for an exclusive restaurant, that will not be cheap at all, but if you enjoy good whiskey you have to give this a try. Your soul mate will also enjoy the romantic and exotic dinner.

In general I have to say that the difference is there. I have had the chance to try a double malt, 23 years old Scottish whiskey, and I have to say that the taste and the texture was very refined. You can really understand why it costs so much and why people all over the world praise it for being the best alcohol.

In the end there is only way that you can really enjoy this type of alcohol. If you are new to whiskey, you should probably try different brands and see which one you enjoy the most. After that, you can certainly come home from a long day at the office and simply pop the bottle open, pour a bit of whiskey and some ice and relax. That is what whiskey is all about. It is not the type of drink that you use to get drunk, it is the type of alcohol that relaxes the senses and makes you feel a lot better than you did before having the first couple of sips.