The Ultimate Secret Coffee Recipe

In this article I am going to share with you my secret tips for making the best cup of homemade coffee. Sometimes you need a drink that not only warms you up but gives you a kick and pick me up during those energy slump times. I love getting together with friends to discus the latest developments and just chill out with a great cup of coffee, nothing gets the conversation started like a nice kick of caffeine fresh from those delicious coffee beans. Coffee tastes great and really does energize you and increase your mental alertness but be warned this surf is so good it’s pretty addictive.

Proceed with caution!

What you will need:

– A kettle
– Pure filtered water
– A good quality ground instant coffee powder
– Sugar or sweetener
– A mug
– Milk
– A tea spoon


First start by boiling the water in the kettle. Grab your mug and add a tea spoon of your favourite brand infant coffee. Add the boiling water to the mug and give it a good stir. Add mill and sugar to taste. Voila! Enjoy you coffee with a nice biscuit or chocolate bar and get ready fir that pick me up to kick in, you won’t be disappointed! Twist tip – if you like a sneaky dink, why not try a Sober Irish coffee and add a dash of your favourite non alcoholic whiskey! Or you could try using steamed milk instead of boiled water to create a creamy and delicious latte, for a low fat calorie version using skimmed zero fat milk works great too. Some of my favourite chocolate bars to have with coffee are Lion, Snickers, Kit Kat, Mars bars, Milky Way, Twirl, Twix, or just some plain digestives! Just make sure to get down the gym after eating that lot! And make sure not to go too crazy! Ummm!