History Lives On In Prescott Arizona

Nowhere is Arizona’s Territorial History so beautifully preserved as in Prescott, AZ. Prescott began as a mining town with the discovery of gold. In 1864 Arizona became a territory and Prescott was selected to be the capital. It held the title until 1889 when Tucson was awarded the distinction. Although Phoenix now holds the title of State Capital, Prescott has many historical remnants of its early territorial days, many of which are well preserved, at the Sharlot Hall Museum which is home to much of Prescott’s wild west history, including the first territorial governor’s mansion on its original site.

Over 600 buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places are beautifully preserved in Prescott’s downtown and residential areas. Victorian homes line the streets in several of Prescott’s historic districts. Once home to more than 26 saloons, downtown Whiskey Row boasts many historic buildings including the Palace, Arizona’s oldest restaurant and bar, and many other buildings that have been converted to boutiques, art galleries and restaurants.