Do You Have a Dog Dry Skin Remedy for Your Best Friend? After Reading This, You Will!

Dogs and dry skin. Does this seem familiar? Are you a dog owner that currently has a pooch that is suffering? Know that your dog can have a dry skin remedy. If you are anything like how my wife and I were a few months ago, then you’re in good company. Our sweet boy Whiskey was suffering from severe skin issues and we were at a complete loss as to what to do. We had tried absolutely everything and the countless vet visits and medications were beginning to really add up and take a toll on our finances. We knew we had to treat the dry skin of our dogs but we just didn’t know where to begin. Since we knew that Whiskey’s food was the culprit, we were determined to find the best dog food for dry skin that we could. We didn’t want to see him in pain any longer. He had red, irritated skin with red bumps and bloodshot eyes. This had to stop! So we did some research and stumbled upon a great resource that taught us how to remedy our dog and his dry skin immediately.

I learned that we had made two crucial mistakes in trying to treat our boy’s skin problems. The first was purchasing his dog food at a commercial pet store like the majority of people do. I was stunned to learn that this is the worst food you can feed to your dog regardless if the food you buy is considered bulk economy, premium or ultra-premium. It makes no difference. Here I was trying to treat the dry skin of my dogs and I was making matters worse buying this food. You see, these dog food brands are chock full of preservatives, dyes, fillers and additives that only stimulate your dog’s skin problems. And it’s not as easy to get away from these ingredients than you think. They can be found in nearly almost every brand across the board. Buying commercial brand food for your pet is certainly not the best dog food for dry skin as my wife and I discovered.

The second, and most crucial mistake we made was that we thought, alright, we’ll just switch his food to a brand that says “sensitive skin” or “healthy coat” – any of those would seem to target our boy’s issues. Plus, we’ll make sure to get him a new brand of dog food that explicitly says “no added preservatives”. Not so. This was not ideal for our dog and his dry skin remedy. Here’s why. These commercial companies don’t want you to know that there is a HUGE loophole in this claim they place on the front of their bag. You see, the company itself doesn’t add any of these chemical additives on site – which is why they can legally say “no added preservatives”. What they don’t tell you is that these preservatives have already been added to the food at rendering plants BEFORE the product reaches these companies. Sneaky? Very.

So what is the best dog food for dry skin? Well my wife and I found it by mistake during our own research and you can see for yourself here. Finding your dog’s dry skin remedies through home remedies is a smart first move. By creating and making easy, all-natural homemade meals for your pooch you control the ingredients that your dog consumes and avoid the deadly toxic mix of additives and preservatives mentioned above. This is the dark secret of the pet food industry. But curing your dog is very possible. Once my wife and I switched Whiskey’s food to a more wholesome variety his flaky and cracked skin cleared in just a matter of weeks! The best dog food for dry skin in reality is found in your own kitchen using the same foods you already have. Dogs and dry skin remedies don’t have to be difficult. It just takes a little research and reading so that you too can help the flaky, itchy skin of your dog.