Choosing Dog Food for Itchy Skin in Three Easy Steps – Yes There Is A Cure!

If you have a dog that has itchy skin, then you know just how painful and downright miserable your pooch can be. Believe me, my wife and I struggled with an itching dog with skin problems for months before we finally found the cause of his ultimate discomfort. But if you were like us a few months ago, know that yes, there is a dog food for itchy skin that can help your doggie. But it won’t be found on any shelf of your local pet food store. Quite the opposite actually. All it takes in curing your dogs itchy skin is making several easy and practical changes to his diet that you can do right in your own home. In fact, itchy skin for dogs can be solved in just a few short weeks like it was for us and our sweet boy Whiskey. My wife and I call it the itchy dog skin diet, but it is so much more than that.

We were sick and tired of taking our boy back to the vet for yet another test that they wanted to run. Needless to say, all of our vet visits over the past couple of months were really starting to take a toll on our schedule and our wallet. More medications followed but nothing worked for him until my wife and I started doing our own research into itchy dog skin help.

First, we learned that 99% of all commercial dog food include ingredients that actively agitate dogs itchy skin. Yes, that’s nearly every single brand of dog food that you see while you stroll down the food isle of your local pet store. What’s worse is that these brands are literally packed with extremely toxic and harmful chemicals such as Sodium Pentabarbital, which not only cause itchy skin in dogs but over time can cause a whole host of disease and painful ailments that can severely shorten the lifespan of your best friend. My wife and I were horrified to say the least. To understand what is the best itchy skin for your dogs treatment, you must first learn to identify these deadly ingredients and keep them from winding up in your dog’s bowl.

Second, once we identified what foods and ingredients we needed to never feed our sweet boy ever again, we learned from our research that we needed to implement a food transition period right away. We moved our Whiskey away from his commercial bagged food to homemade, all-natural foods that we easily prepared in our kitchen using only the ingredients found in our pantry and refrigerator. This was key, as Whiskey’s new dog food for his itchy skin because wholesome meals with a higher protein content through various sources such as non-GMO chicken, turkey, salmon and even duck.

Third, we provided both a lower but all-natural grain and carbohydrate mixture along with increasing his omega fatty acids through such foods as fresh fish, flax seeds and avocado. I kid you not our dog with itchy skin was a thing of the past in just a few short weeks and our Whiskey couldn’t be more happier with his new recipes. The omega fatty acids also provided a wonderful new shine to his coat which I think is another great benefit of curing dry itchy skin for dogs through home remedies instead of needless expensive pills and ointments that only treat the symptoms but never the cause. Itchy skin in dogs can totally be cured but you have to know what the first steps are on your path to a happy and allergy free dog.

Following these easy steps certainly saved us lots of frustration and money, not to mention our loving Whiskey’s sanity. He no longer scratches himself raw and saved him from more needless suffering. Finding dog food for itchy skin is real but this true treatment, like my wife and I discovered comes from preparing homemade meals with ingredients that you control. Itchy skin in dogs doesn’t need to lead you down a road of utter agitation like it did with us. You just have to be proactive with your own dogs itchy skin causes. Remember to stay vigilant and fight for an all-natural and pure lifestyle that your pooch deserves.