Irish Bars

Irish bars are ideal places to enjoy your favorite drinks, and laze away the hours with friends. Today, Irish bars have become one of the popular freak-out destinations among people of all age groups in America. Almost all cities in America have at least a few Irish bars. Most of the Irish bars are theme type bars, and come adjoined with hotels, restaurants, and inns.

Among all the states in the USA, San Francisco holds the largest number of Irish bars. Little Shamrock, Shannon Arms, and Molly Malone’s Irish Pub are some of the frequently visited bars in San Francisco. The Auld Dubliner, O’Brien’s on Wilshire, Finn McCool’s, Tom Bergin’s, Patrick Molloy’s, Sonny McLean’s, McMurphy’s Tavern, Irish Times, and T.S. McHugh’s Irish Pub and Restaurant are some of the famous Irish bars in other major cities in America. You have smoking and non-smoking Irish bars.

Without an assorted selection of Irish whiskey no Irish bar is complete. Irish whiskey is considered one the earliest distilled beverages. Bushmills, Jameson Whiskey,

John Powers and Sons, Middleton, Tullamore Dew, Clontarf, Locke’s, Kilbeggen, Dunphys, Kanppogue, Red Breast, Coleraine, Cooley, Crested Ten, Inishowen, Magilligan, and Tyrconnell are some of the brands of Irish whiskey. Among these Jameson, Connemara, Tullamore Dew, and Tyrconnell are considered the most standard Irish whiskeys. Other than Irish whiskey, Irish bars are also the best destinations to taste world quality shandy.

Most Irish bars serve a range of traditional Irish fares for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Famous Irish delicacies like Irish stew, Ulster fry, and champ can be tasted in most of the Irish bars in America. Apart from Irish delicacies, the Irish bars also serve an array of appetizers, salads, and sandwiches.

Irish bars are the best places where repertoire music ranging from traditional Irish music to popular rock and jazz can be enjoyed with your drinks. Some, Irish bars also provide facilities for banquets, parties, and celebrations.

An Irish bar is not only a place to satisfy your thirst, but also an Irish cultural center. There is no better way to feel the depth of Irish culture than to visit an Irish bar.

Restaurant Cocktail Menu – World’s Best Food and Wine Combo

Don’t bother mentally processing the infinite pairings possible with food and wine, in any consideration of the world’s best. I must also leave out my personal childhood favorite of Tom’s Peanut Butter Crackers and Coca Cola (a treat I still indulge on road trips). There is no doubt that a well made Sazerac cocktail with freshly opened oysters stands astride the epicurean world like The Colossus of Rhodes as the best possible combination of food and drink.

A complete history of the Sazerac Cocktail written by Chuck Taggart is worth the read. I have confirmed the history from several other sources: the sum of which research leads me to the conclusion that the Sazerac is the oldest cocktail in America. In the early1800’s Antoine Amadie Peychaud, a New Orleans apothecary, made a drink using his medicinal Peychaud Bitters in a cognac and Absinthe drink called a “coquertier.” This French word was Americanized to “Cocktail.”

Mr. Taylor, owner of the Sazerac Coffeehouse, bestowed the name “Sazerac” in 1853 by announcing the drink to hence forth be made solely from the Cognac brand, Sazerac-du-Forge et Fills. The Sazerac Coffeehouse changed owners in 1870 and with it, the basic Sazerac ingredient, Cognac, to American Rye Whiskey – for reasons of availability and cost.

My personal introduction to the Sazerac was not as a libation, but in a story told to me by Marcelle Bienvenue, author of the cookbook Who’s Your Mama, Are You Catholic & Can You Make a Roux,” wherein she once reluctantly shared her Sazerac and oysters with Tennessee Williams in New Orleans’ Acme Oyster Bar. The story so filled me with wonder, that I launched solo into the New Orleans night determined to find the best Sazerac in the Cresant City.

This “hands on” research project lasted well into the following morning. About all I can meaningfully report is that I survived – with an unrequited appetite for Sazeracs and fresh oysters.

I need some disclaimers here as regards “well made” Sazeracs. If you’re trying for the “World’s Best,” wait until you have the right ingredients. Everyone knows the original Absinth made with wormwood, a substance then determined to be deleterious to your health, was banned in the USA. That concept now is being challenged, and you can scout the Internet and again find Absinth available. I have not tried this as a substitute for Pernod. The New Orleans liqueur, Herbsaint, is used almost exclusively in its hometown, but I still prefer Pernod. You could substitute Canadian Rye, Bourbon or Cognac for American Rye, but I wouldn’t. Last but not least, there is always Angostura Bitters for the Peychaud Bitters, but why?

The World’s Best Pairing of Food and Drink


2 – 3 ½ ounce Old Fashion Cocktail Glasses

5 – drops Pernod

1 – Sugar cube (Ok, OK – you could substitute a teaspoon of sugar or bar syrup)

2 – Drops Peychaud Bitters

1 ½ to 2 – Ounces of Old Overholt American Rye Whiskey (Come on! Go out and buy a bottle)

Finely crushed ice

1 – Large lemon twist (Make sure it’s big enough to drip a little lemon oil)

12 – Each ultra fresh Blue Point oysters



Fill glass No. 1 with ice to cool

Place two drops of Peychaud Bitters on the sugar cube and drop into glass No.2

Add Old Overholt whiskey and mull the sugar cube until it is completely crushed

Add ice and stir or shake until the sugar is totally dissolved.

Remove the ice from glass No.1 and dry.

Add 5 drops of Pernod to Glass No 1, rolling it around until all surfaces are covered.

Fling the excess Pernod out with a snap of the wrist (It’s all in the wrist action)

Strain glass No. 2 into glass No.1

Twist lemon peel until oil drops, then ad as garnish.


Open, cut loose from shell, and display on bed of ice.

Go to Heaven! The warmth of the Sazerac has layers of complexity including spice honey and anise with the aroma of lemon oil. A balance of sweetness and pungency that combines with the oysters in a manner that makes you yearn for solitude where you can moan with pleasure without someone saying, “I want what she’s having.”

What is Up With Scotch?

So what exactly is Scotch? It is made in Scotland. While this drink made in Ireland is called Irish whiskey and American whiskey is called Bourbon. Single malt is made with only malted barley. It is produced in Scotland and must be aged for at least three years.

The liquid that is not single malt is usually a blend of different grains. Often the blending is from a variety of different Scotch designed for blending. The main types are single malt, and blended.

There are many different brands available. In order to find the one you prefer, you need to sample a few. For instance Glenfiddich is the worlds best-selling. Although some people prefer Glenlivet to Glenfiddich. It is really hard to know which one you like best until you try a few samples.

Some common blended examples include Black & White, Chivas Regal. and Clan MacGregor. Just like with the single malt the best one is a matter of preference.

Bourbon is American Whiskey and is produced by many distillers with Kentucky style still being very popular. Some common Bourbons are; Seagram’s 7 Crown, Wild Turkey, and Jim Beam.

It is also produced in Canada, England, Belgium, Ireland and even Japan. Once you find the right blend to suit your taste then it is on to making some mixed drinks.

Some common American version drinks are the Old-Fashioned cocktail and the Whiskey sour and the popular Manhattan made with rye. No matter whether you like it in a mixed drink. Or a straight up single malt there are enough brands and varieties to keep you busy sampling for a long time.

Just remember to drink responsibly and never drink and drive.

The Ultimate Secret Coffee Recipe

In this article I am going to share with you my secret tips for making the best cup of homemade coffee. Sometimes you need a drink that not only warms you up but gives you a kick and pick me up during those energy slump times. I love getting together with friends to discus the latest developments and just chill out with a great cup of coffee, nothing gets the conversation started like a nice kick of caffeine fresh from those delicious coffee beans. Coffee tastes great and really does energize you and increase your mental alertness but be warned this surf is so good it’s pretty addictive.

Proceed with caution!

What you will need:

– A kettle
– Pure filtered water
– A good quality ground instant coffee powder
– Sugar or sweetener
– A mug
– Milk
– A tea spoon


First start by boiling the water in the kettle. Grab your mug and add a tea spoon of your favourite brand infant coffee. Add the boiling water to the mug and give it a good stir. Add mill and sugar to taste. Voila! Enjoy you coffee with a nice biscuit or chocolate bar and get ready fir that pick me up to kick in, you won’t be disappointed! Twist tip – if you like a sneaky dink, why not try a Sober Irish coffee and add a dash of your favourite non alcoholic whiskey! Or you could try using steamed milk instead of boiled water to create a creamy and delicious latte, for a low fat calorie version using skimmed zero fat milk works great too. Some of my favourite chocolate bars to have with coffee are Lion, Snickers, Kit Kat, Mars bars, Milky Way, Twirl, Twix, or just some plain digestives! Just make sure to get down the gym after eating that lot! And make sure not to go too crazy! Ummm!